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Box for cufflinks set with tie and handkerchief

Box for cufflinks set with tie and handkerchief

Art.No.: K020 e1049b52a774fbc92.00368334
Box size: 180 x 130 x 70 mm

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Category: Cufflink Boxes
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Box for cufflinks set with tie and handkerchief

This box is suitable for tie sets, handkerchiefs and cufflinks. It is large because the tie is stored without wrinkling and that is why we recommend this box. The box has a very elegant pattern on the surface and a pleasant color. The box has a bottom and a lid.

There is a bow on the lid with a label that can be removed.

We recommend purchasing the following products when purchasing: https://www.engraved-cufflinks.co.uk/en/cufflinks-tie-and-pocket-square-set

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