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Velociped cufflinks

Art.No.: 1156
Color: steel, size: 20 x 18 mm. Write questions to info@manzetove-knoflicky.eu

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Category: Novelty Cufflinks
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Velociped cufflinks
The cufflinks of the velocipede will impress at first sight thanks to their original workmanship, but above all the distinctive and very authentic motif of the velocipede, or the historical version of the bicycle as we know it today. This is a really tasteful and very stylish accessory suitable for everyone who is not afraid to shine and excel. It will pleasantly refresh and brighten up any formal attire and bring a touch of history, vintage and tradition to it. They are made in a uniform silver color and the main motif is velocipede, processed into very fine and precise details. We recommend wearing it for social events of a more formal nature, celebrations and balls, business meetings or business meetings, and their combination with darker cuff shirts is ideal.
Do you like similarly focused motifs and designs? Write to us, let us know and share with us your opinion that interests us. We are happy for feedback from our customers. Thank you.

A box is not included in the delivery when purchasing cufflinks. Therefore, we recommend choosing an additional box so that the cufflinks feel safe during transport and arrive at your place.

Attentioncufflinks are not being sold with the box altogether. There is a need to buy the box separately. Check out our offer here. If you do not order a box, we send the cufflinks in the protective bag to avoid damage.

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