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How to properly close the cufflinks on the shirt

Cufflinks are not just a complement to formal wear. They are certainly a symbol of elegance and the fact that a man can dress properly. If you're thinking about buying them too, you need to know how to turn them on properly. Here's the main thing you need to know.

Do you have the right shirt?

If the use of cufflinks is a premiere for you, you can most likely expect that you don't even have the right shirt. So, in addition to buttons, invest in it as well. One that has cuffs at the end of the sleeves that allow it to be fastened using the cufflinks. Popular today are universal shirts, which can be worn with buttons, without them.

From the outside

You are wearing a shirt and the ends of the sleeves are ready to put on a cufflink. From which side to push them? It's always from the outside. This will ensure that with the hands down, the cufflink motif will be visible, while its fastening will be on the inside, ie next to your body. The basis is a bit of dexterity, because for the first time it will seem to you that it is not easy to push the button through both holes. It just takes a little practice and you will see that you will succeed in the given step.

Secure the cufflink

Most buttons on our market are made in the so-called "T" design. That is, with a moving part. You simply thread it through the holes in the cuff, and once the knob is in place, you turn the movable end. This will secure the knob in place. At that moment, the cufflink is properly engaged and there is no danger of it slipping out of the cuff hole.

Don't forget to edit

Do the same with the other sleeve. Once you are done, a final adjustment is required. Align the knob in the correct position, as well as adjust the sleeve and the cuff itself. Only now comes the time when you put on your jacket, check everything again and you can go to the company.