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Right of withdrawal

Guarantee, complaints

1. A guarantee for the sold articles shall be provided by the Seller under the generally binding legal regulations of the Czech Republic. The guarantee period commences as of the day the Buyer accepts the articles from the Seller. The guarantee applies to manufacturing defects or other defects not incurred as a result of incompetent or inconsiderate handling, use of the product in conflict with its purpose or instructions for assembly, mechanical damage, natural disasters or as stipulated by law. Please note that the image on the packaging of the articles is informative only and does not need to fully comply with the contents of the delivered articles.

2. Complaints can also be lodged via a complaint form, in extraordinary cases at the following email address: info@manzetove-knoflicky.eu

3. Faulty articles can be sent by mail, unless the Seller and the Buyer have agreed in advance by e-mail that the Seller shall see to sending the defective, missing or otherwise complained part of the article of the complained article to the Buyer without requesting to inspect the faulty article. Should the Buyer send the faulty item to the Seller, it shall append a legible original of the purchase document – the invoice with a detailed description of the defect of the faulty items. If the articles accepted by the Buyer do not comply with the purchase agreement, the Buyer shall have the right to have the item put into the condition corresponding to the purchase agreement by the Seller free of charge and without any delay, namely, either by replacing the items(s) or by completing it (them) subject to the Buyer´s requirement. If such procedure is impossible, the Buyer can request adequate suitable reduction in the price of the articles or it can withdraw from the agreement. This shall not apply to situations where the Buyer knew about the conflict before accepting the articles or if the conflict with the purchase agreement was caused by the Buyer itself.

4. For justified complaints, the Buyer is authorised to:

  • have its complaint settled at the latest within 30 calendar days of the day the complaint was enforced, unless the Seller agrees otherwise with the Buyer;
  • for fixable defects, the Buyer has the right to free, due and timely removal of the defect, the right to exchange the defective articles or defective parts, unless it is disproportional in terms of the character of the defect and if such procedure is impossible, the right to a suitable reduction in the purchase price or to withdraw from the purchase agreement;
  • in non-fixable defects that prevent due use of the article, the right to replacement of the defective articles or to withdraw from the agreement.

5. Once the complaint has been accepted, the Buyer shall be informed of the most suitable form and details of the complaint procedure within 7 days. A record in writing on accepting the complaint and its settlement shall be made and sent to the email address of the Buyer. If the complaint is justified, the Buyer has the right to compensation for all cost purposefully incurred in connection with the enforced complaint.

6. The rights and obligations of the Parties regarding the rights following from defective performance shall be governed by the relevant general binding regulations (particularly the provisions of s. 1914 to s. 1915 of the Civil Code).

7. The Seller shall be held responsible for defect-free articles upon acceptance. In particular, the Seller is responsible towards the Buyer that the purchased article has the quality and properties required by the agreement, described by the Seller, manufacturer or its representative, or expected by these upon the advertising carried out, or that the purchased article has the quality and properties common for an article of such type; that the purchased article corresponds to the requirements stipulated in the legal regulations, it was provided in the corresponding quantity, rate or weight and it corresponds to the purpose specified by the Seller for use of the article or the purpose such article is usually used for.

8. Upon acceptance by the Buyer, should the article have a defect, the Buyer has the right to have the article put in the condition corresponding to the Purchase Agreement by the Seller free of charge and without any delay, upon the requirement of the Buyer either by replacing the article or by its repair; if such a procedure is impossible, the Buyer can request an adequate price reduction of the article or can withdraw from the Agreement. This shall not apply if the Buyer knew that it showed a defect or if the Buyer itself inflicted the defect before acceptance of the article.

9. The Buyer shall be entitled to enforce the right from a defect occurring in a consumable article within twenty four months (24) of acceptance, unless this contradicts the character of the article or unless the contrary is proved.

10. If the sold article, its packaging, the instructions appended to the article or the advertising pursuant to other legal regulations, specifies a period for which the article can be used, the provisions of the quality guarantee shall be applied.

11. The rights following from defective performance, including the guarantee responsibility of the Seller, shall be applied by the Buyer on the Seller, at the address Andra Invest s.r.o., Pekařska 12, Brno 602 00.