Why shop with us?


1. Long-time tradition

2. Products in stock

3. Refund within one month

4. Delivery for free




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Why use our eshop?

1. Personal attitude to our customers

We, at Engraved-Cufflinks.co.uk, sell our goods in a little bit different way. We prefer to have less pieces in stock (2 or 3 pairs of each). We are focused to offer wider range. If you need any specific cufflinks, feel free to send us email to info@engraved-cufflinks.co.uk . We try to find them for you.

2. Shipping is for free

We want to give you the best service, what we can offer. We decided to offer free shipping for you. 

3. If you buy 2 pairs of any cufflinks, you´ll get 25% discount for your order

If you fill the registration form and create an account in our eshop, you´ll get 25% discount for each of your orders (the condition is, that you buy 2 or more pairs of cufflinks in each order). More than the half of our customers use this discount offer.

4. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

It is quite usual rule, but we want to ensure you, that you can easily change or return the order. If you do that within 30 days, we send your money back, in case you decide to cancel the order.

5. Cufflinks in stock are sent immediately.

If you are able to buy a product on our eshop, it means it is in stock and we send your cufflinks immediately the same or next day after we receive the order. Sometimes you need the cufflinks very fast for some special occasion, we understand that and want to help as much we can.

6. You can contact also on weekends. 

We try to answer your questions also on weekends. Cufflinks are not the same article as washing machine or TV. Our customers contact us very often, when they relax and have time to search or buy some nice, luxury goods. It is not always possible to answer immediately, but we are trying to be as fast as possible.