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Cufflinks red elegance

Cufflinks red elegance

Art.No.: 1260 e1049b52a774fbc92.00368334
Color: steel, size: 20 x 10 mm. Write questions to info@manzetove-knoflicky.eu

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Manufacturer: Knoflickarna.CZ
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37,41 £

Cufflinks red elegance

From the name, everyone will surely deduce that this is a really special and unique cufflink. The rectangular shape is complemented by a large red stone, which is covered with gilded steel. Thanks to its classy appearance, it is designed for real ladies and gentlemen. Are you one of them? If so, don't forget to have a reddish ironed cuff shirt with you.

Caution: The cufflinks are not included in the box. If you want a box, it must be purchased separately.

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