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Matte Oval Wave Cufflinks

Matte Oval Wave Cufflinks

Art.No.: 0414 e1049b52a774fbc92.00368334
Color: steel, size: 18 x 12 mm. Ask questions at info@manzetove-knoflicky.eu

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Manufacturer: Knoflickarna.CZ
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14,47 £

Matte Oval Wave Cufflinks


Cufflinks matt oval. These buttons are light, unobtrusive and airy. They are rather conservative in their shape and fit for every occasion. She wears shirts of blue and light shades. Even the white color of the cuff shirt fits.

It is possible to send cufflinks in a special gift box by your choice.

Attentioncufflinks are not being sold with the box altogether. There is a need to buy the box separately.

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